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      塑料波紋管生產線 電力管設備 塑料管材生產線 塑料板材生產線 塑料型材生產線 塑料擠出機 塑料生產線輔機 橡膠擠出系列
      HDPE pipe extrusion production line

      HDPE pipe extrusion production line

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      HDPE plastic electric power pipe making machine

       PE pipe production line

      SJ65 single screw extruder

      Plastic tube electrical wire protection pipe power cable conduit

       MPP power pipe making machine

      40-160mm MPP Pipe Electric Tube Plastic Single Screw Extruder Machine Production Line





      Single screw   extruder with automatic feeding device






      Vacuum Calibrating   and Cooling Tank



      Haul off Machine



      Cutting machine





      1.40-160mm MPP Pipe Electric Tube  Plastic Single Screw Extruder Machine Production Line Single screw extruder with automatic feeding device

      (1) Motor brand: Siemens or other famous china brand

      (2) Inverter brand: ABB/DELTA /SINEE

      (3) Contactor brand: Siemens /DELTA

      (4)Relay brand: Omron /DELTA

      (5) Breaker brand: Schneider /DELTA

      (6) Heating method: Ceramic or cast
      .40-160mm MPP Pipe Electric Tube

      Plastic Single Screw Extruder Machine Production Line  Vacuum calibrating and water cooling tank

      (1) Vacuum pump power : 4 kw

      (2) Water pump power: 4 kw
      (3) Material: Stainless steel
      (4) Method: Enforced spraying
      (5) Diameter: Customized
      (6) Length of tank: 6 m


      SJ Series Single Screw Extruder is mainly used to process PP, PE, PPR, ABS and other plastics. Equipped with auxiliary machines,it can manufacture profile, pipes, sheets and other plastic products and granulation. This Single Screw Extruder has the advantage of simple production technological process, high output, stable quality and low cost.Suitable for various polyolefin materials: HDPE, PPR, PP, and ABS etc.

      Main advantage
      1.This kind of pipes have many advantages, such as corrosion resistant light, easy to fix, long time to use etc.
      2.The pipes are widely used in high-way, municipal constructional, flats and so on.

      Process line
      Raw material+ Master Batches → Mixing → Vacuum Feeder →Plastic Hopper Drier→ Single screw extruder →Co-extruder for color string & Multi Layers → Mould → Vacuum Calibration Tank → Spray Cooling Water Tank → Haul-off → No Dust Cutter → Double/Single disc Winding/ Stacker → Final Product Inspecting &Packing

      We follow Germany type of business heading as the worldwide reliable supplier of plastic extrusion line. We have already provided more than 1000 lines located in most countries because we are providing the latest technology,qualified machine, reliable component and best after sale service


      Design and manufacture suitble machine for you.

      2. Before delivery, we will test the machine until you are completely satisfied. (You can come to our factory to inspect the running production line.)

      3. Delivery.

      4. We will provide after-sales service: 

      (1) Field installation and commissioning;

      (2) Field training your workers; (3) Field maintenance and repair service ;

      (4) Free Spare Parts ;

      (5) Video/Online technical support.

      Plastic tube electrical wire protection pipe power cable conduit MPP power pipe making machine