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      Factory Full automatic plastic mesh tubing making machine also name as Plastic net pipe Making Machine, is mainly use PP or PE as raw materials, adding antistatic agent, anti-aging agent and other additives, also can use recycle material then extrusion into the net pipe.

      Plastic net tube machine is based on HDPE, PP as the main raw material, through the extrusion, matching the special mould forming a square hole wall of plastic pipe. Its products are mainly used in the filter core, garden, gardening, such as the field of ground water seepage.

      plastic mesh tubing is widely use for material separation, structural support, containment and many other uses. The extruded tubes are made from PP or PE materials and come in many different diameters, lengths, apertures and strengths to suit any application. Extruded tubes are available in diameters up to 5 inches and offer a consistent, cylindrical shape. Also in application the tube can add multiple layers of fine mesh netting or non-woven material to create additional utility.

      PP PE plastic net pipe production line is our new product design and developed by ourselves with advanced technology and according to practical home situation. The line structure design reasonable, reliable quality, operate convenient, filled in the domestic blank, and instead of import equipment.

      The following is our machine part picture 

      sj65/30 pe pipe single screw plastic extruder manufacturing

      Brief introduction of single screw extruder

      The single-screw extruder is mainly used to extrude thermoplastics such as soft and hard polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, etc. It can process a variety of plastic products, such as blown film, extruded tube, platen, pulling ribbon, etc., and can also be used for melt granulation.

      Single-screw extruders generally determine three effective lengths according to the screw diameter, screw pitch, and screw depth, each divided into one-third divided into conveying section, compression section, and metering section. The conveying section starts from the last thread of the feed port, mainly preheating, squeezing and completing the conveying task. The second section is the compression section. The temperature should reach the degree of plasticization of the material, which is mainly compressed to transport the plasticized material to the third section. The third section is the metering section, where the material maintains the plasticizing temperature and accurately and quantitatively transports the melt material to the machine head.

      The main purpose of single screw extruder

      Pipe extrusion: suitable for PP-R pipes, PE gas pipes, PEX cross-linked pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, ABS pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE silicon core pipes and various co-extruded composite pipes.

      Sheet extrusion: suitable for extrusion of PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC and other profiles and sheets. Extrusion of various other plastics such as silk, rods, etc.

      Extrusion of profiles: adjusting the speed of the extruder and changing the structure of the extrusion screw can be applied to the production of various plastic profiles such as PVC and polyolefin. Modified granulation: suitable for blending, modifying and enhancing granulation of various plastics.

      Design concept of single screw extruder

      ◎High-speed, high-yield extrusion based on high quality.

      ◎The design concept of low temperature plasticization ensures the extrusion of high-quality products.

      ◎ The two-step overall design strengthens the plasticizing function and ensures the adjustment of high-performance extrusion.

      ◎Special barrier, BM comprehensive mixing design to ensure the mixing effect of materials.

      ◎High torque output, extra large thrust bearing.

      ◎The gear and shaft are made of high-strength alloy steel, carburized and grinded.

      ◎High hardness, high finish and ultra-low noise.

      ◎PLC intelligent control can realize the linkage between the main and auxiliary machines.

      ◎Easy to monitor the man-machine interface, easy to understand the processing and machine status.

      ◎The control method (temperature control instrument) can be replaced as required.

      ◎Material is 38CrMoAL/A nitriding treatment, wear-resistant.

      ◎Strict temperature control accuracy, combined with air cooling and water cooling.

      ◎Unique material inlet design, with perfect water cooling device.

      ◎The screw barrel with grooved feeding bottom sleeve has enhanced feeding function, which provides a guarantee for high-speed and high-yield extrusion.

      High Speed Extrusion Die and Mould For PE Pipe/hot sale Three-layer PE Pipe Co-extrusion Mould Factory direct sales

      1)the PE PP pipe mould is mainly used for making PE PP water/gas supply pipe, drainage and mining pipe and extrusion pipe line.

      2)it is a high-technic production equipment, and better design service,smooth pipe surface,long working life.  it also could adjust the pipes' diameter and saving cost

      main products

      1.PVC,PPR,PE pipe extrusion mould and fitting injection mould

      2.PVC,PPR,PE pipe and pipe fitting

      3.large-diameter plastic blowing machine and its mould

      4.no woven producing die head